10 great reasons to hire a decorator!

With the slight chill in the air this morning I feel like fall is just around the corner. Fall is my absolute favourite season! I love having the windows open to let the fresh air in, not to mention all the comfort food. Stews and curries here I come! I find I always want to nest this time of year too and start thinking of all the projects I want to get done. If you get the same feeling, do me a big favour and ask yourself this question: Do I need to hire a decorator?

I think this is a question everyone should ask when starting a project in their home, whether it be large or small. We all get overwhelmed with all the choices out there and a decorator helps you tie everything together. We can help you invest wisely in your space and work out a plan of action on where to start.

One of the biggest myths about decorating is that a decorator will cost more money than if you did it on your own. Decorators in truth can help save you money in the long run. There are so many times where I’ve been called into a client’s home and they have just purchased furniture that is much too large for the space, or it simply doesn’t work with the style of their house. Now they are stuck with trying to make it work, but eventually they end up replacing it sooner than they would have otherwise.

Take a peek at the points below and see if any apply to you.

1 – Did you just move into a new house and aren’t sure where to place existing furniture?

2 – Would you like to add some new pieces to your home, but simply don’t have the time to go shopping?

3 – Are you overwhelmed with the amount of fabric choices and paint colours?

4 – Did you recently (or not so recently) blend two households and would like some advice on what to keep?

5 – Would you like to coordinate the style and colours of your entire home, but don’t know how to do it?

6 – Has your lifestyle changed in the last little while, and you need to start using your home differently (a new baby, entertaining more often, the kids have moved out, etc.)?

7 – Do you need help finding qualified contractors to do a major renovation?

8 – Do you have have a mantle or bookshelf in your house that just doesn’t look as pulled together as you would like?

9 – Are you having a hard time finding art that accents your rooms?

10 – Are you building a new house and need a hand choosing all the finishes to ensure the house will flow from room to room?

Please give me a shout if you relate to any of these questions. I’d be happy to help you out and we’ll have a blast creating the space that has the feel you are looking for.


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