What is a master plan?

What is a master plan?

Lately I’ve been creating a lot of plans for my clients. I love it! I ask a lot of questions about lifestyle and tastes at the beginning of any job and I love seeing it all come to fruition in a master plan. Having a plan enables us to nail down how you would like the space to feel, and each piece we bring in works towards that goal. For my graphic design buddies reading this, it’s the equivalent of branding your home.

What does a master plan include, you may ask? It depends on how in-depth you would like me to go, but it always includes a 3D floor plan. This floor plan will include furniture placement with real pieces, ideas for window coverings, paint colours, fabric selection for upholstery items and drapery (if applicable), flooring suggestions and art arrangement ideas. I can bring real costs for these items as well, so you will have an idea of where to begin based on your budget.

If you are building a new home, a master plan can include the finishes for the entire house, ensuring that the house flows from one room to the next. At this time a colour scheme can be established, which helps relate the finishes to the items that will eventually reside in the rooms.

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