Art Inspired Small Space – Before and After

Art Inspired Small Space – Before and After

Carol contacted because she wanted to get a head start in decorating her new apartment. It wasn’t going to be ready for a year. She was excited to be downsizing, but also a little anxious. Carol really wanted her space to be cozy, personalized and functional and didn’t know where to start.

During our consultation I discovered that she is a fantastic artist, and I was inspired by all the colours and textures in her original art and photography.

As you can see from the before picture of the model unit of her apartment, we had a clean slate to work with. My goal was to give a neutral, yet texture-filled backdrop for a gallery wall of all of her favourite pieces. I also wanted to maximize every inch in her space by using some clever storage solutions.

Before - Small Apartment - Ottawa Decorator Natalie Cox

This is the model unit of the apartment that Carol was moving into.


After doing a floor plan, I determined what pieces were needed to create a cozy conversation area that also served as a place for knitting and television viewing.

After - Art Inspired Small Space - Ottawa Decorator Natalie Cox

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