Many years ago we hired a contractor to renovate the only bathroom in our home. We figured we knew what we wanted, so we would have no problem finding everything to get the job done. Well I can tell you, it was not easy. It was very stressful pulling together the tile, paint color, tub, vanity, hardware and well, everything. I promised myself that I would never to this again. After all that work, it still didn’t turn out how we envisioned it.

When we purchased my family home years ago, the home my father built with his own two hands, there was a lot of pressure to update but still keep the integrity of the house. We had our contractor lined up but I just didn’t know where to begin. So we decided to hire Natalie. We told her our vision and she asked a lot of questions to really understand what we wanted. Our priority was to create an open space for the grandchildren to play and enjoy this time in our lives. As well as create a space that is easy to clean.

Natalie convinced us that tackling the entire floor at the same time was the best way to achieve the look we wanted and ensure the materials flowed from one room to the next.

We tackled the kitchen, flooring throughout and our main bathroom at the same time. I was starting to feel anxious about what was going to happen. Natalie assured us that the transition would be smooth and she would work with our contractor and together they would create a beautiful space and make our dreams come to life.

We put our trust into Natalie and I was able to let go of my fears.

This was the best decision that we ever made. We had no decisions to make and there was no stress. On a daily basis I saw things coming together beyond my wildest dreams. I couldn’t believe I was going through this major renovation without stress. Her team made sure all materials arrived in a timely manner for our contractor.

An extra bonus was that she was also able to sell us a new dining table and chairs, overhead lighting and window treatments. It was so nice to not have to think about a thing or arrange deliveries.

I would recommend Natalie to anyone who wants to do a minor or major renovation. Our project went so smoothly and the end result is exactly what we were hoping for. Thank you Natalie, we look forward to completing the look with the new furniture you selected for us.

Also wanted to say that when we started this, everyone had an opinion and that can be confusing. I’m so glad we decided to trust in only one opinion and that was the one of our decorator Natalie Cox.

Colleen Lewis

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