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My love of decorating began at an early age. I redecorated my bedroom (over and over again) throughout my childhood. I sketched floor plans and pasted clippings from the Sears catalogue all over my journals. I loved how changing my room would force me to look at my possessions and decide which items made me happiest. Full disclosure – that did include kitten posters and an extensive dog statue collection.

As an adult my bedroom is still my sanctuary. I go there to read and relax. I make sure my bed is made and clothes are put away, so even if the rest of the house is chaotic, I can go there to recharge. I believe it is incredibly important for all of us to have space in our homes that is free from clutter and gives us that immediate sense of calm.

Here is a mood board that I put together showing a cozy transitional bedroom. I love working with all different styles – that is part of what makes my job so great!

Now is the perfect time to start a bedroom decorating project! Contact me today to set up a complimentary consultation.

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