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I went to the Etsy: Made in Canada show last Saturday and I was blown away by the quality of the hand made goods! I was in designer heaven! I went with a dear friend, her daughter and her mom. We spent most of the time apart though as I couldn’t help but chat with the artists.

Following are the booths I happened to be most drawn to, but after looking at the curated list of all the vendors I know I missed a lot. I can’t wait to add a bunch of items to my wish list!


1. Jenna Rose

The illustrations at Jenna’s booth really grabbed my attention. I love that she paired her beautiful illustrations with a timeless linen. These are pieces that would be happy in any space. My all time favourite is her tree house pattern!

2. You’re my favourite handbags

These bags were so well made and they are super functional too. You can tell Angela put a ton of thought into all the pockets and compartments. She has a great eye for choosing fabrics!

3. Tangente

Talk about locally made clothing! Each piece is designed and produced in Cathy’s studio here in Ottawa. I picked up a sweet shirt from here and I plan on buying more for sure.

4. Dayna Lee Collection

Dayna’s prints really spoke to me. Her pretty typography and uplifting quotes had me at hello. I can’t wait to pick up a print for above my desk… once I buy a desk that is. Her pillows would also make great gifts!

5. Angele Desjardins

I was on my way out when I caught sight of Angele’s booth. The colours and depth in her pieces are exquisite. Each piece is one of a kind and they are even available in frames that she makes herself out of recycled wood.

6. Becca Wallace Photography

I went back to these beautiful photographs many times. These would be fantastic in a child’s room, but equally at home in a fun den or family room. The colours are so vivid!

7. Gaslight Electric

One of the newest vendors was Gaslight Electric. I have a feeling these guys are going to take off flying. Love the concept! A piece from them can completely make a room.

8. NaCoille Studio

The main reason I wanted to go to the show was to pick up one of Matt’s tree stump prints. I’ve been coveting one for a while and I wasn’t the only one. Matt’s wood furniture is even more stunning in person than in pictures. We used to work together at a graphic design agency years ago, I’m so happy he has found this path.

9. SamHIllustration

Sam’s illustrations caught my eye from across the room. I turned to my friend and said those belong in a children’s book. Low and behold, Sam had two books for sale illustrated by him and written by Monica Blackburn. I bought both and the boys love them! I was planning on giving one away for a gift, but I’m not sure I can part with it.

10. Hillary Cosgrove

So much fun at one booth! The alphabet pillows were so comfy. These would be great for your initials in your bedroom or spelling out a fun word in a play room or den. I love the use of reclaimed materials too.

11. Doodle and Hoob

Last but not least are the three prints I grabbed from Doodle and Hoob. I just couldn’t decide so I bought three. Once again I was going to give some away as gifts, but I think they’ll find a home here too. I really have to stop shopping for myself!

There are so many other vendors that deserve a mention but this post is long enough. Thank you Emily Arbour for putting on such a great show and I hope this will be a regular event every year!

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