Five things I love about our new sofa!

We’ve been wanting to invest in a nice quality sofa for years and when our placeholder sofa bit the dust, the time was right. It really elevates the room and I can see now why everyone (myself included) recommends getting the best quality sofa you can afford.

1It’s incredibly comfortable. The cushions are firm, but not too firm. This sofa is in my great room and is used all the time. It’s comfy enough for watching movies, but also works really well for entertaining. The cushions can all be flipped around and rotated for even wear.

2It’s made to perfectly fit our space. For a small extra fee I asked the manufacturer to make my sofa a custom size. This was such a cool option! I have a little nook where my sofa lives and if I had purchased a smaller one then it would have left small gaps. I like how it fills the space. It’s also the same height as my accent chairs, which really brings the room together. I can use my ottoman with my sofa now – bonus!

3There is no gap between the sofa and the wall! We have outlets on that wall and our previous sofa had a straight back, which created a large gap. I was fishing toys out from back there daily. I love that I don’t need to worry about that anymore.

No gap

4The cushions stay put! My kids have already put this guy though the wringer. As soon as they got home they did the jump test. I believe my little guy’s exact words were: “Bouncy, bouncy!” The cushions didn’t budge!

No slipping

5Last but not least, I love the colour and fabric! The indigo blue is so rich. I wouldn’t have been able to find this exact shade anywhere else. That’s the joy of custom, you can choose exactly the right shade that will complete the room. I also used a nano-tex fabric which protects the sofa from spills and staining.

If you are thinking of investing in some quality furniture please shoot me a message. I can help make sure the piece you choose will last!

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