Goals for 2016

At this time of year (like most of us) I always get inspired to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the new. Although I have to admit I feel that if I don’t accomplish everything in the first month I’m going to lose my momentum. I have to work on that! I did a bit of soul searching and I came up with a vision of how I would like the next year to look professionally and personally.

I also reviewed last years goals and I am quite proud of what I have accomplished and I’m very much looking forward to what the next year has in store with some hard work and dedication. Writing these down and sharing them is really for my own benefit, however I hope it inspires you to write down your goals as well!

Professional Goals

See two new clients every week Last year my goal was to grow my business and I’m proud to say I have accomplished this and more! In order to meet my goals this year I would like to work at least on one large project (Room Makeovers, Renovation, etc.) and take on at least 7 smaller jobs (Window Treatments, Closet Organizing, Room Tweaking, etc) each month. I’ve had a blast working on some great projects and I look forward to sharing more of them on the blog. I’m so grateful for my awesome clients!

Continue my free Seminars and add to my topics Last year my “Decorating for Small Spaces” Seminar was a hit last year and I added a “Decorating for Open Concept Spaces” to the roster as well. This year I would like to build on my “Whole Home Organizing” and co-host with some special guests. As well as create a “Creating a Master Bedroom Retreat”  and “Accessories, Window Treatments and more”. I’m also opening up my seminars to be hosted by real estate agents at our new studio. Stay tuned for more information on that shortly!

Write on the blog at least once a month I have come up with some great content for the upcoming year that will correspond to the seminars I will be hosting. I want to ensure the posts I do write are quality over quantity. Let me know if there are any topics you would like me to cover.


Donate blood Last year I really wanted to start donating blood. It seems like such an easy thing to do. I’d love to say I’ve donated every month, however I have not, not once. There are really no excuses, except that I haven’t been eating as healthy as I would like so I’m worried my blood isn’t in the best shape. Once I get that in order I’ll schedule it in!

Eat three balanced meals a day and drink more water I’m sad to say I’ve been running on coffee and passion and it’s catching up to me. I skipped lunch more times then not last year because I was so into work I didn’t want to stop. Eating healthier will keep me in a good mood and enable me to be a better everything.

Walk our doggy, Aiden,  see my personal trainer and do yoga in the evenings Shortly after last years post I began working with a fabulous personal trainer. However, I did let life and business get in the way of seeing her consistently. Recently we’ve established a schedule we can both maintain and I can’t wait to continue! I’ve been walking Aiden too and I love the quiet time it provides me. Also, Yoga has always been a joy for me and I let it go for way too long. I did a few videos in the evening before the holidays and really enjoyed it. My goal is at least one of these activities every day. That still leaves me time to binge watch Netflix :)

Rediscover my love of cooking and trying new recipes I’m happy to say I have brought some old favourites back and the boys have been quite receptive. It’s so nice to have a bit more variety in our meals again. I will be continuing to try a few new ones on weekends and I have enjoyed being in the kitchen again. I’m going to need to start doing a lot more baking, the boys are starting to eat us out of house and home!

Go out on monthly dates with hubby This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Hubby and I go one sporadic dates when we have grandparents visiting, however in the next year I would like to be more intentional about it. We are pre-booking a sitter every month and going out just the two of us!


That’s it! If I accomplish this it will be an awesome year. I wish you all the best in accomplishing your goals this year too!


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  • Great goals and I can’t wait to see you accomplishing them, one by one. You’re a very talented professional and wonderful person to be around.

    Wish you all success!

  • Great goals and I believe in you, however more visit with mom was missed. That’s ok I will make sure you keep that goal. Love you.

  • Those are GREAT goals. Love it! Especially the date night one, what a great idea. I may need to think about at least a monthly date as well. :)

    Looking forward to see all you do in 2016.

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