Goals for 2017

I took an extra week off after the holidays for some much needed downtime with my family. I am so grateful for our stay-cation with the boys and the time I had to reflect over the past year. I’ve decided that my word for this year is connection. Life is short and I really want to be present when I’m with people, unplug, listen, and be spontaneous.

Last year really rocked professionally, and I’m so proud of all the awesome projects I worked on with some absolutely fabulous clients. I can’t wait to share some of the before and afters with you folks as the photos start rolling in from the photoshoots!

I’ve itemized a few goals for the coming year to keep me on track. I’d love to hear your goals as well!

Professional Goals

Keep on learning and growing. I learned so much working on so many great projects and I can’t wait to keep learning this year. My goal is to actively work at increasing my knowledge so that I can continue to help my clients to the best of my abilities.

Get my work published. I’ve teamed up with a fantastically talented photographer, and our goal this year is to get published in a magazine. We’re doing the research to see who we need to know and we are going from there. Anyone know someone who knows someone?

Find clients that are looking for unique furniture in Ottawa. I have access to so many wonderful suppliers that I haven’t been able to play with yet. If you know someone who is looking for something very unique, send them my way.


Spend more time with friends and family. We’ve been stuck in our little family bubble and we’re looking forward to entertaining more this year. After hosting Christmas and spending a lot of time with friends this past week, we realized how much we missed entertaining at home. Our basement renovation was finished just before the holidays and it’s already changed the way we live in the house.

Find balance by starting the day with yoga. With the basement renovation complete, I have been inspired to pick up yoga again. I’ve been going down there every morning before the boys are up, and have started a gentle yoga routine. My goal is to improve my practice slowly over the year and improve my strength.

More cooking. My rambunctious boys are spending more time downstairs which means my open concept kitchen has found a bit of peace. I’ve already found myself trying new recipes and cooking while listening to music with a glass of wine. This is my bliss and I love sharing my creations with them. I’m not too upset if they don’t like it, because… wine :)

These feel totally doable to me and I’m looking forward to a great year! What are your goals this year?


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