My shower curtain is my decorator!

I know, ridiculous title. I’m serious, though. I don’t buy anything unless I run it by my shower curtain. When we bought our house a few years ago, I had the opportunity to choose all of our finishes and the budget to buy some new pieces. I fell in love with this shower curtain! I used to joke with hubby that I don’t need fancy jewelry, just buy me my nice shower curtain. What I loved about it is that it contained all of the colours I wanted to bring into our home. I had to have it!

It lives in our main bathroom (the kids bathroom) and I choose all the colours in the house from it. If it doesn’t go with the curtain, it doesn’t come in the house. That is how I made our entire home flow from room to room.

Based on the shower curtain, I was able to create a paint palette for the entire house.



I love the balance and harmony that a well thought out colour scheme brings to a home. It’s all about having a plan from the beginning and taking steps to achieve it. Of course, if you would rather a real person be your decorator … and not a shower curtain, I’d be happy to help!


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