To sectional or not to sectional

Sectionals are funny. They are something that a lot of people want but they’re not quite sure why they want it. I love a good sectional but they are certainly not the best solution for the majority of spaces.

Since I always look at function first, my preference is to place them in casual rooms that only family and close friends will be using. They are perfect for movie night!

It’s important to ensure that traffic in and out of the room is not impeded, and you have to be able to get into the sectional easily. If it’s going into a basement, it’s best to measure all the pieces diagonally to make sure they fit down the stairs. It’s not fun to find that out the hard way!

If you have a great room and you do a fair amount of entertaining, I recommend staying away from a sectional. Let me paint you a picture. You have three or four people over for drinks after work. A couple of people sit on opposite ends of the sectional, now the next person to sit has to choose between the corner (unless the sectional is quite large) or sitting a bit too close to someone they may not know very well. It makes having a conversation difficult and it could make people uncomfortable. Sectionals just aren’t meant for this type of entertaining.

In this case it really is much better to have a couple of sofas facing each other, and an occasional chair or two depending on the space. This provides a much better conversation area and a lot more options for seating with some nice personal space.

That being said, if you have a very large space, an over-sized sectional can really balance the scale of the room, provide a fair amount of seating and help to separate a large room into zones.


If a sectional is right for your space, there are certainly lots of options! Here are a couple of my favourites!

Do you own a sectional? Were you thinking you would like one but I just changed your mind? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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